5 Tips to Follow Before Taking Your Grad Photos

Whether you're graduating from high school or college your accomplishment deserves the BEST documentation possible. Senior photos allow you to capture this milestone, while also showing family and friends how cute you are, and hoping they give you money. Here are my top 5 tips to all graduating seniors about to take their grad pics!

1. Outfit(s?)!

As a photographer, the main question I get when it comes to any session is, "WHAT DO I WEAR?"

White dresses have become the unofficial uniform of grad portraits; they are classic, cute and will match your different colored stolls.


However, don't be afraid of color or patterns - except for maybe intense florals / zebra prints. If you're unsure if the stolls will look silly, simply bring them shopping with you and try them on with your outfits! If you're still unsure when shopping, send me pics and I'll help you out!



Make time to change outfits! Grad pics tend to a get a little repetitive. *Here I am looking cute by a bush with this sash, here I am cute by a different plant with this, etc* So bring an alum shirt, Greek Letters, Sports team apparel, or even another bomb outfit and get something a little different. This allows different "looks" as well as a way to show different activities/interests you may have. 


2. Props 

Props make photos fun, so do not hesitate to bring them! A sign, a meaningful photograph, glitter, confetti and the like are all great options.

I recommend glitter over confetti if you want a cute "blowing"(???? you know what I mean) photo, just because it's lighter. Since confetti is heavier you blow harder and your face...yeah...doesn't look too cute. But you can always throw it up in the air, then sit in it later! 

Before I move on - BALLOONS. Small ones are okay - but I wouldn't advise getting the big ones. You use them for a few pics, then they're just $30 paper weights that will deflate in a week. 

3. Champagne  - because that deserves its own number 

Popping champagne is fun...and messy! I try to keep popping the bubbly for the end of the shoot. It most definitely will get on you and your stolls, worry not - it will dry and will not stain, but it will be sticky, so bring something to wipe off your hands after! 


Get the cheap stuff, most of it is flying around anyways. However, try to buy a bottle with a cork, not a screw off! The cork gives it the extra POP! After the initial pop put your thumb over the top and shake it like crazy!!  


4. Bring someone (to hold your things) 

Even if it's just you and your stolls, I always encourage my clients to bring someone - a friend, significant other, parent, etc. Not only is it convenient for them to hold your stuff, but they will help keep you comfortable. Also, they may encourage you to do something that I couldn't. For example, Arrianna's sister was the one that got her in the cart and fountain! 

If you don't plan on bringing anyone, worry not! I am outgoing, loud and can talk enough for at least six people. I am part photographer part hype woman; after shooting with me you will feel extremely confident in both yourself and the work we created. 


Don't take these pictures too seriously. You're done. YOU DID IT!!! You accomplished every hurdle thus far. Celebrate that with fun, professional photos you can look back on years to come.