Alanna & Tyler // Sunset Blvd

This was my final creative shoot of 2017 and I am beyond stoked on the turn out. My stylist Alyssa Ryan-Cross and I wanted to do looks we haven't done or seen before. All I can say is Alyssa blew it out of the park. Every outfit was on point from head-to-toe. Thank God, too, because when we arrived at what I was expecting to be the perfect location, was actually a fenced up building on a main street in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, we managed to make our little corner on Sunset Blvd our bitch. After the sun began to set and almost getting robbed (a man on a bike tried to steal Tyler's shoes and his crack head friend encouraged him lol) we made our way to McDonald's for our final look. Completely unplanned, but I couldn't be happier with the results. Peep the fun here.   

Makeup by: Kynlee (