Michelle + Joel // Temecula Engagement Session

Ugh, I’m the worst at blogging sessions! Moving forward through 2019 I will make sure I blog more. I will start with this beautiful engagement session from October 2018.

Michelle and Joel have been together since they were teenagers and this coming September they are becoming Mr. and Mrs. and they chose little ole’ me to capture it. (S/O to my sorority sister Marissa for recommending me - you’re a real one ;) ! )

After debating all the beautiful places to shoot at in Southern California, we decided on the most special one - Mount Palomar Winery - where the two became engaged. (And a cute little coffee shop just for fun.) The day was filled with laughter, love, and beautiful photos. Michelle had the cutest jean jacket made that said “Mrs. Ortiz” on the back and brought the sweetest Mr. and Mrs. mugs. We also had to include their fur child Gigi, the cutest little pup around. Their engagement session only made me that much more excited for their big day. Thank you Michelle and Joel for trusting me to capture this next chapter of your lives!

Take a look at our day below:

Pelin + Jake // Hilton Bay Front Hotel

This is a long one folks. Pelin, Jake and I met on their first engagement shoot with me. Instantly we hit it off, as if we had known each other as friends for years. Their love is radiating, which makes my job easier and much more fun. After their second engagement shoot, I become more excited for their wedding as a friend, than just a photographer.

I cried along with Jake as she walked down the aisle…and during the rest of their ceremony. However, the sappy emotions aside, I was actually highly anxious because it was cloudy and the sun was going down fast. When the ceremony was over I still had to do family shots, group photos and their bridals, all with about 30 minutes of light left. If you scroll down far enough you’ll see I accomplished all that and then some.

Once the reception came the stress was pretty much over. In fact, I finally got to let loose. I’ve been to a lot of weddings - most which have been genuinely fun. But until Pelin and Jake’s, I had never been to one where 98% of the people were dancing and having fun the entire time. I stayed two hours after my day was over just to party with them and their friends (even though I had a wedding the next day). Take a look at their day here!

Kaitlin + Hector // San Juan Capistrano

I have to thank Instagram for bringing Kaitlin and Hector to me. The moment the three of us got together it was clear that I was made to shoot their wedding. After our first meeting, which lasted almost three hours, I felt like I had just made two friends for life. In addition to shooting their wedding, I also captured their engagement photos and Kaitlin’s bridal shower - and man, did I know she was a real one after that event (let’s just say I was very sick).

Kaitlin and Hector got married on the day after my birthday, which also might have been the hottest day of summer. It was 112 degrees in San Juan Capistrano and it really felt like it certainly felt like it. After taking their bridals I looked as though I’d just run a marathon. I was drenched in sweat and my face was beat red, yet, somehow Kaitlin stilled looked perfect.

The heat aside, their day was amazing. I had so much fun and I definitely cried more than once. I feel so lucky and am deeply grateful to have clients that turn into friends. It makes me love this “job” more than I thought I could! Here’s to you, Mr. and Mrs. Arroyo.

Pelin + Jake // A Newport Engagement

On July 4, 2016 Pelin laid eyes on the man of her dreams at Stag Bar in Newport Beach. Thanks to a friend for forcing her to "bump" into him, they began talking and the rest is history - a history I selfishly get to celebrate being apart of. This was my second engagement shoot with Pelin and Jake. While we loved the first round of photos, they both recently got super fit and wanted to show off their hard work. AND I MEAN, LOOK AT THEM!! They are as beautiful outside as they are in. Their love truly radiates on and off the camera and I feel so grateful to be trusted with this big chapter in their lives. October 6th can't come soon enough! Take a look at the fun we had here! 

Amanda + Ricky // San Juan Capistrano

I love LOVE. And I love my couples for allowing me to capture theirs. Amanda found me via instagram, shout out social media, and asked me to take pictures for her and Ricky's FIVE year anniversary! Naturally I said yes. We met at the Northwest Open Space in San Juan Capistrano and shot till the park closed. In about an hour I already had over 700 pictures to choose from. These two are so clearly in love and are naturals in front of my camera. They made my job SO easy. Take a little look at their session here! 

5 Tips to Follow Before Taking Your Grad Photos

5 Tips to Follow Before Taking Your Grad Photos

Class of 2018, whether you're graduating from high school or college, your accomplishment deserves the BEST portraits possible. Senior photos allow you to capture this milestone, while also showing family and friends how cute you are, and hoping they give you money. Here are my top 5 tips to all graduating seniors about to take their grad pics!

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Iris & Emmett Sitting in a Tree

A few months ago Wiz Khalifa posted a sneak-peek shot of him and his girlfriend, Izabela Guedes, from his Letterman music video that immediately had me inspired. I sent the picture to the greatest stylist around, Alyssa Ryan-Cross, and we went back-and-forth about ideas for models and locations.  

We came up with the idea of the IT couple. Every high school has that couple. The couple that is stylish, popular and picture perfect. We started our day at Fullerton Union High School and ended up at the Cal State Fullerton Library. I am beyond happy with how this day turned out. Check out the full set here. 

Stylist: Alyssa Ryan-Cross

Female Model: Iris Walker

Male Model: Emmett Smith

Alanna & Tyler // Sunset Blvd

This was my final creative shoot of 2017 and I am beyond stoked on the turn out. My stylist Alyssa Ryan-Cross and I wanted to do looks we haven't done or seen before. All I can say is Alyssa blew it out of the park. Every outfit was on point from head-to-toe. Thank God, too, because when we arrived at what I was expecting to be the perfect location, was actually a fenced up building on a main street in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, we managed to make our little corner on Sunset Blvd our bitch. After the sun began to set and almost getting robbed (a man on a bike tried to steal Tyler's shoes and his crack head friend encouraged him lol) we made our way to McDonald's for our final look. Completely unplanned, but I couldn't be happier with the results. Peep the fun here.   

Makeup by: Kynlee (www.instagram.com/makeupkyn) 

Phi Phi in Malibu

Phi (short for Apphia) and I met via Instagram. I had been following her for a while and finally asked her if she was down to shoot, and, lucky for me, she was! She and I met up in Malibu along with my good friend and stylists, Alyssa. We had about an hour and a half of sun left and let's just say we KILLED IT. Check out the whole set here and tell me which one is your fav! 

Diana the Russian Princess // DTLA

Diana is an aspiring model who moved to LA all the way from RUSSIA! I met her through my good friend Alyssa who had styled her for a previous shoot. When I saw her photos I knew I NEEDED to work with her. In just a matter of weeks Alyssa had set us up to shoot. Even with the language barrier we absolutely crushed it. Big shout out to Alyssa for styling this shoot and Diana for killing it in front of the camera. Check out the whole set here! 

Belle // Ditching Class

Belle is a talented musician I found on Instagram. It turns out she is friends with a few people I had already taken photos of, so we decided to get together to add her to the list (S/O my Anaheim Hills crew). We only had about 15 minutes of sunlight before I had to rely on the stadium lights, but I'm not even mad. I am stoked on how our final shots down on the field turned out. Sorry to the Valencia High School marching band for disrupting your practice (lol not really). Check out the whole set here!

Alison & David // Maui Wedding

This wedding was incredibly special for me because I had the pleasure of both photographing and being in the wedding. David is my big brother and Alison has been the love of his life for four years already. She was already in the family with or without the ring. Since I was in the wedding, they had other photographers photograph their ceremony, but I made sure to get the day from start to finish...even if I was sobbing like a little baby. It was the most beautiful, intimate, wedding (only 16 guests in total) I have ever been to. Check out their big day here!

Lil Stiq & New Ethics // Koreatown LA

Shout out to social media for allowing me to find these boys! Lil Stiq and New Ethics make some dope music and after I saw their Dial Tone video I knew I wanted to work with them. We met at their house in LA and shot on my friend's rooftop (yes, it's my third time using it...) right before the sun went down. These guys were goofy and down for anything. I'm looking forward to working with them again, but, for now, check out their session here! 

Jamie LaBarber // Newport Beach

I met Jamie almost four years ago during sorority recruitment. I knew before we even spoke that I wanted to take her pictures. We became friends and talked about doing a shoot however, we never made time till a few weeks ago! And I am so excited that we finally got to work together. Jamie is a dream to shoot. There were times my jaw would literally drop because, I mean, look at her! She is stunning. Scroll to the right to view her full collection!

Fallon // The Style Club LA & Boutine LA

I met Fallon almost two years ago and a few weeks back we finally got to do a shoot together. She warned me that this was her first time in front of the camera, but the moment I started snapping photos she started acting like this is what she did for a living. She crushed it! It was such a fun shoot and I am so happy with the results. Check out the fun we had here!

Mason // Brea Rooftop

My girl Mason and I had been trying to do a shoot for what seemed like forever and the other day we finally got to and all I can say is...DAMMMMN. She crushed it! Her unique style and badass attitude can totally be seen through these photos. While it was only a quick thirty minute sesh on top of a parking structure next to her apartment I am stoked on how these photos turned out! Take a look :)  

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Missy // Newport Beach Portraits

My beautiful coworker, Missy, posed for some portraits in Newport Beach last week to help me with a project for school. It was chilly, overcast, and Missy had never "modeled" before, but she absolutely rocked it. Her four-year-old daughter came with us and joined some pictures at the end. Take a look at all the fun we had here! 

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